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WHOdux - a dr. who rewatch community

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dr. who rewatches and discussion
W H O d u x . q u i c k . i n f o

Well hello there!
You've found WHOdux, the one and only livejournal re-watch community for the series Doctor Who. Feel like reliving the adventure of a lifetime? Want to discuss with other Who fans? Can't wait to realize just how many connections link all the seasons together? Then join us! We're amazing fun, and won't bite!

Quick Tidbits:
- No, you don't have to watch every episode, not you don't have to comment on every post, but its more fun if you do!
- The full rewatch will take a full year, give a few weeks if we watch 1 episode every week.
- Our one and only rule is respect. Live and breathe it. The Doctor does.

Season 1 re-watch begins 6-26-2008
Season 2 re-watch begins 9-25-2008
Season 3 re-watch begins 1-08-2009
Season 4 re-watch begins 4-09-2009

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